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John Beatty was born and grew up in Hurricane, Utah. He graduated in 1990 from Brigham Young University with a double masters degree in business administration and accounting. After passing his CPA exam, he worked for almost 3 years as an auditor in the San Antonio office of Price Waterhouse, a large national accounting firm (now PriceWaterhouseCooper). In 1993, he left Price Waterhouse and went to work with Al Baldridge Realty after getting his real estate license. In 1996, he studied for and passed his real estate brokers license and started his own traditional real estate sales firm, North San Antonio Realty, which is still operating today. He has handled hundreds of sales and closings since starting in real estate and has over 14 years of real estate sales experience. He also started Property Tax Reduction Services in 1995, a firm specializing in reducing the assessed values of real estate in Bexar County to lower property taxes. John is married and has 6 children.

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John Beatty
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